Inspection Report

The Features of a Personalized Inspection Report

The Pillar To Post home inspection report details all major components of a home as defined in the relevant Standard of Practice and comments on its condition. For more information about the industry-leading Pillar To Post home inspection report, to find an inspector in your area, or learn about the added services we can offer as part of an inspection, contact your local home inspector.

Standards of Practice

At the beginning of your home inspection you will find a copy of the Standard of Practice applicable to your jurisdiction in your inspection binder as well as a copy of the visual inspection agreement which you signed electronically. You are encouraged to review these documents in order that you may clarify any issues with the inspector while you are on site. In this manner we can ensure that when you leave the site at the end of the inspection you do not have any outstanding concerns.

Inspection Details

The core of the report documents the condition all major items described in the relevant Standard of Practice inside and outside the home. The format contains both a checklist and comments with respect to condition, operation and recommended further action on specific issues.

Report Commentary / Additional Comments

At the conclusion of the report you’ll find the report commentary, a summary of the major findings of the report.

Digital Photos

The Pillar To Post inspection report comes complete with digital color photographs and thermograms where applicable, which support the findings in the core of the report.

The Package

The home inspection report will be presented to you in a three ring binder that contains:

  • The Visual Inspection Agreement
  • The relevant Standard of Practice (or hyperlink thereto)
  • The report
  • Seasonal maintenance checklist
  • Cost and repair estimate guide
  • Tags to mark major shut-off valves (these would have been placed on the appropriate valves)
  • Home filing system to track future repairs